I was here…

I was here

I was here just like you i once stayed here.
Its where i met him.
Its where i fell in love.

You live here now but before you there was him and i.
You are making memories here now but memories have been made for us.

Its where i learned what real heartbreak was all about.
See that window youre standing at now?
Well thats the window that we exchanged numbers at.

I once stayed here…
I was here…
that restroom you go to is where he followed me its where id close him out at and laugh when he couldnt get in.

Bedroom number two is where we slept. Where we laughed. Where we dreamed. Talked. Fussed.
Its Where i cried many nights.

I was once here…
See that apartment next to you?
Its where i met him.
he was once there.
He once lived there.

This driveway you park in is where our lives changed.
Its where my heart was broken at.
Its also where we partied.
Where we blasted music so loud the cops would come at.
it’s where we all laughed joked and thought the moment would never end.
I was once here…
I was once here with him…
I once loved here…
I once made many memories here…
I once laughed, talked,yelled,fussed,cussed, and cried here.

I learned a lesson here.
I was here.


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