Update: 101 Things to do with your Toddler!

Today has been a joyus first day to our challenge! We accomplished a lot more than I thought we would considering she can be very STUBBORN sometimes lol. But we did it and everyone is still living lol. We accomplished 1. Color 5. Play Chase 11. GO for a walk 13. Read a book(this will be done at bedtime AS USUAL) 14. Go to the park. 16. Play with play-dough 62. Disconnect your phone and pretend to make phone calls to relatives 63. Leave your phone connected and really make phone calls to relatives- let your child talk too. I also attended the special olympics (Minus Zi I just didn’t think she would sit through the ceremony WILLINGLY or without running on the field lol) And Guess what??? Quavez(Little cousin) was the Honored Athlete and lit the Torch! Yes we were one proud and excited family! I held the tears together! Whewhoo I didn’t cry lol wish  could say the same for his grandma and aunties!

We had so much fun at the park. She even met her a boyfriend a handsome blue eyed, blonde haired little boy named Tristan I’m not sure if he knows that she is his Girlfriend just yet lol. They played great and had lots of fun getting dirty(but who’s stressing? Their kids, their suppose to get dirty:)! His grandma and I definitely will be getting in touch for them to play together again since they had a hard time parting from each other and the park lol. My aunt pulled the funniest trick on her today. She called her pretending to be Tristan this poor kid looks back at me (all while in the same room with my aunt) giggles and says

“It’s tristan, he called” Giggles! It was so innocent and cute! God bless the teenage years though! I mean if she’s acting this way now what does the future really hold! lmao. The innocence of children is just beautiful!



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