Sleep vs. Cleaning

Well the kid is down for a nap finally. I can finally sit idle minded… That was until I looked around and saw all the cleaning that needs to be done. All I want is a 30minute nap! Just 30 I don’t ask for much lol. Then I think that’s 30 minutes of cleaning that could be done and 30minutes of cleaning without hearing “I help” or “I want my cup” or “my movie gone” 30 minutes of not having 2 hands reaching up at me while vacuuming. Smh im torn between a nap and cleaning a want an a need. I’m my eyes I need to be doing both lol. Well park later I guess. Maybe I wont fall asleep at the picnic table lol


One thought on “Sleep vs. Cleaning

  1. Hahaha.. I can totally relate. When Avery goes down for a nap, it’s a perfect time for me to nap too, right? Wrong. I use the time to do some picking up around the house and tasks that are super-hard with a baby in tow. The Sleep vs. Cleaning crossroads comes up every weekend day and Cleaning always wins šŸ™‚

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