The Kid IS NOT An “It”

Tonight while browsing around on Pinterest I came across a beautiful picture of a sweet baby girl. Read the caption and it read “Oh, this must be your kid… what is IT?” Clearly “IT” was a baby girl. She was sitting up with a BIG flowered headband, playing with little pearls around her neck. What part of that picture didn’t scream “LITTLE GIRL?” As you can see that this really got under my skin. The reason: First off a human being is not an “IT.” Of course if i’m pregnant I expect you to ask “what is it?” “whats the sex” thats completely acceptable. What’s not acceptable is when the baby is here and you refer to my kid as an “IT.” I despise being out and seeing someone say “awww IT’S so cute..” wait… what did you just refer to the kid as an “IT?” Or the famous one.. “aww so precious… what is it?” Especially when the child has on all pink, a pink carseat, a bow in her hair! Or has on all blue, a shirt that reads “mommy’s little all-star” with footballs! You know something that just SCREAMS THE SEX of the child! And you ask “WHAT IS IT?” I can understand if the child has on “gender-neutral colors and outfit” ex: a yellow and white sleeper with ducks. That could be for a girl or boy and perhaps your little one is just a newborn or little girl is challenged in the hair industry or little boy has a lot of hair along with this gender-neutral outfit. Then yes you have my permission to ask “If you dont mind me asking, is it a girl or boy?” Anything outside of that.. the kid is not an it and you will refer to him or her as just that!

2 thoughts on “The Kid IS NOT An “It”

  1. I also hate hearing the word “it” referring to any human. I have friends who had a pediatrician tell them “Pick it up” when he was done examining their baby boy (and by baby, he was about 12 months old). If I really can’t tell the gender of a baby, I usually just ask the parents “What’s the baby’s name?”

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