Okay so sometimes being in the house with za’niyah sometimes bore’s me as well as her i’m sure! On nice day’s it’s a park day but we can’t stay ALL day! So I need some Kid friendly idea’s to do with a 3year old (about to be 4) while inside the house or some out doors ideas (minus the park)


    • Thanks for the idea’s. LOL those are some good idea’s (working in a nursery for a while you would think I could think of this stuff) but someday’s I just draw a blank lol

  1. Drawing a big picture together with markers. Squiggly lines, circles, squares with your lines interchanging. At the end, you have something pretty to hang up.

    My daughter loved to make things out of cardboard boxes and tubes. Of course,it took a whole role of scotch tape, but she loved doing it, and painting it with water colors when she was done.

  2. For me what worked was to have “basic” things to do that I could always set up quickly and that would always be a hit. That way I would feel successful at playing with my children and that would boost up my energy to go and look for new ideas.

    The basic activities would be things you have already thought of:

    – play dough or salt dough. If it’s salt dough, have your child make it also. (have a plastic sheet like a small waterproof tablecloth dedicated to crafts on hand for anything messy if your table isn’t craft-safe or if you want to do things on the floor)

    – painting (same advice about the plastic sheet. It makes clean up much quicker so that you don’t panic when you bring paint out. Also, dedicate an old rag that can be used to dab excess water off the paint brush, wipe off dirty hands (and faces), clean up spills, etc. Don’t worry about washing it after, just let it dry if it is soaked and keep it for next time.)

    – one hit in our family was to browse google images for pictures to print and color (let your child tell you want animal or whatever he/she wants to print). The browsing itself could last an hour, then there’s the coloring.
    you can also print out worksheets of any kind.

    – this is something we have never done before, but baking or preparing snacks and stuff like that. Find easy recipes for children to follow or have your child pour in the different ingredients.

    – read books / go to the local library

    – play games: uno, 7 families/happy families (yes at 3-4 years old, at least for mine), memory, tic tac toe, 4 in a row, any board game you have, play simon says, play tag,

    – build things with cardboard / paper. Really anything. Decide on something to build and go for it. check online for inspiration.

    Other non basic things to do:

    – use masking tape to trace a road track on the rug of the living floor and play with cars to race around the whole living room / bedroom / house. I saw that one in a blog once

    – play with letters. Teach your child the sound of each letter. Help her recognise her name, your name, her fathers name, siblings, basic words. This could be in the form of regular short “drills”.

    – get a pedal-less bicycle and go to the park with that or just go for a walk with it.

    – nature study: go for theme-walks, like “today we’ll try to see different kinds of birds” or “we’ll check and see what flowers are starting to grow cause spring is coming”, anything that could be in season or special in your area.

    – go for a picnic. Instead of having lunch in your home, pack an old sheet, make sandwiches (with your child helping you), pack everything up and off you go to the park / forest / backyard.

    – meet up with other mothers with children of the same age

    – go on field trips (farms, zoo, science museum, look up things in your area)

    – watch a movie together at home or lookup when the next child friendly movie session will be and go to the cinema with her

    – clean the house with her: give her something she can do and you get busy with the rest while you supervise her from afar.

    – try different sensory activities: play with rice / flour (over a tray and outside if possible), give her things to measure with, pour, etc.

    – I might have said this before but look up inspiration on Internet. Loads of mothers blog about the activities they do with their children and every single mother (myself included) struggle constantly with this exact same issue of keeping boredom at bay.

    I could go on and on… one thing to remember is that what you might see as bland is precious to your child just because you are with her and get out the routine.

  3. Family Fun has good ideas. Blanket forts. My kids loved little people at that age, and still do. Read books. Start now. My kids love to read because we started early. Look up ideas for fine-motor skills and preschool development (crumple paper, use tongs to put pom-poms in muffin tins–helps with writing, put three pom-poms on the number 3). My kids loved stickers and paper. I also made felt pizza crust and sauce, then cut out felt toppings. I’d order a pizza and ask for two pepperonis, three peppers, and one olive. Helped with memory and math. Brings back memories! Restaurant is another fun one. Make sandwich fixings out of craft foam (bread slices, bacon, lettuce, cheese, burgers–craft foam from the craft store is very cheap). You can take turns ordering and being the customer.

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