Love has no labels, no faces, no limits!

Love has no labels, no faces, and no limits. It’s difficult for married heterosexual couples to adopt. However it’s more difficult for homosexual couples and single people to adopt. Who told you that they were  not capable of parenting? Who said they were not capable of loving and caring for a child like the happily married couple (thats probably pretending to be happily married anyway) down the street? Where did you get that idea? Here are a few “EXPLINATIONS” i’ve come across. “The child will grow up confused” “Children should have a mom and dad” “Two incomes are better than one” “You have to think what’s in the best interest of the child and their future.” And here is my take on it. I was conceived by a man and woman and guess what… the man abandoned me! Yeah yeah yeah I grew up in a single parent home! Well let me tell you about this single parent home… I turned out just fine! I’m no more screwed up than the child down the street with the mother and father! Infact i’m probably better off! I had a loving mother (she wasnt perfect) but at the end of the day I knew she loved me and knows she love’s me and that was good enough for me.The best interest of the child is for the child to have a loving family, home, and parent! Whether homosexual or heterosexual. Just because “it glitters doesn’t mean it’s always gold.” Just because that married couple with the nice income, in their nice house, wearing their Mark Jacobs and Ralph Lauren clothing, driving their nice car are smiling doesn’t mean that family is what’s in the best interest of the child! Most of these children in orphanages aren’t concerned about whether they will have a mother and father. Most of them just want someone to call their “family” and a house to call a “home.” Because most of them have never had either or. They don’t care if they have two mommy’s or two daddy’s or a mom, or dad. (news flash everyone doesn’t want to be married and with the divorce rates going up can you blame them?And Before you quote a scripture from the Bible I ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT SAYS! But no one is perfect.Moving along.) It just baffles me how people can honestly look at a child being shipped from foster home to foster home in most cases and yet turn down a perfectly good home for them based on sexuality! Who said these married, heterosexual homes are so perfect? I had friends in school who if only their parents knew how bad they wanted them to just part damn company from one another (from all the arguing and fighting) they would probably be embarrised! Or what about the child you gave to the couple that had the mother and father, the mother is staying for the money, the father is acting as though he’s in the office working when he is out cheating on his wife, while the wife sits at home with her glass of whine crying herself to sleep at night, when the father walks in his plate is still on the table cold, and they fight until one either walks away or just go to bed angry. Yet you turned down the homosexual couple based on their sexual preferrences. At least there they would have had a REAL happy and peaceful home. Or you turned down the woman that could still afford a child and the child would have had a wonderful loving home with her but she wasn’t married. Yet this was in the best interest of the child right? I beg to differ. Children aren’t concerened about whether their parents are homosexual, heterosexual, black, white, blue, pink, or purple, single, or married. It’s simply about being with the people that love them most.

I’m not saying that just because someone wants a child they should be “GIVEN” a child. I just feel as long as the family is loving (married or not, hetero or homo) are capable human beings of parenting, and can afford the child they should be given a chance without being descriminated against or judged!

Love has no labels, no faces, and no limits!


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