1. Start and Complete “101 Things to do with your toddler.”

2. Only go out to eat once a month and see how much money we save in 6 months!

3. Prepare for the Autism Awareness walk/run in April.

These are pretty simple.


Admission:  I’m stealing this list from a pin I saw on Pinterest.  The pin led me to a blog called “Counting on Me” and it sounds like they found the list on their local chapter of The Mommies Network.

I love it so much that I’m going to (try and) turn it into a challenge for Abigail and myself…slowly but surely, we’ll tackle all 101 activities. I won’t go in order (ya right!), but I’ll be sure to document our progress.  Some of the activities are as simple as going for a walk (which is probably the first activity we’ll check off the list today), but some sound super fun(ny) like brushing each other’s teeth.

If you’re looking for some fun new activities to do with your little one, join me in the challenge (or pick and choose the ones that sound the best to…

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Okay so sometimes being in the house with za’niyah sometimes bore’s me as well as her i’m sure! On nice day’s it’s a park day but we can’t stay ALL day! So I need some Kid friendly idea’s to do with a 3year old (about to be 4) while inside the house or some out doors ideas (minus the park)

When Black’s Turn Racist…

I’ve never seen a problem with black men dating a white woman, a white woman dating a black man, a black woman dating a white man, or a white man dating a black woman. Then again i’ve never seen the problem with people having gay rights, or abortion rights (although abortion isn’t for me, and Homosexuals marrying in a church isn’t my ideal wedding). I’m just very liberal and feel as though everyone deserves choices. (Yes I attend church… Yes I know some of the bible and I will say this once… I answer to god for me, you will answer for you, and the rest will answer for themselves to. So what people do is their business I have no place to put them so who am I to judge?) I’m also that one that wouldn’t elect obama in office simply because he was BLACK (sorry honey i’m concerned about my future and the kids future not making damn history. Hillary I was all for you!lol I wasn’t a mccain fan, but I did like sarah palin *weird right?*) lol. However what is the big deal with interracial couples? And I must say the black men dating a white woman get the worst end of the bargain! Especially from their own race. You want to see a black woman(not all) mad, let her walk in the mall and see a black man hugged all up with his woman and she has the NERVE to be white! And god forbid he cheated with a white woman sentence him to death fore he has sinned (personally i dont care if she pink or red you cheat on me we gone have some problems reguardless!). And lets not forget if he is wealthy “she only want his money why couldnt he find a black girl?” (as if there are no gold digging black women)lol they come all out of themselves! I have experienced this first hand as I just stand their and think (what’s so bad about it? She is a human capable of being loved.) However i’ve heard many saying’s “They treat them better than they treat us.” Hmmm… Tiger woods cheated on his wife (blank stare) if that’s considered treating her better then please TREAT ME BAD!  My favorite though… “I remember when a black man couldn’t even look at a white woman.” (GASP, but you’re only like… 30 and u remember that?) Well I also remember when blacks couldnt go to school (you can do that now), Blacks couldnt sit in the same place and resteraunt or walk on the same side of the street as white’s (you can do that now). It’s a new error am I the only one that noticed? White people can adopt black children now:). Do you see a problem with that to? Bet not, you see a white couple adopt a black child and say awww how sweet. Yet you look down on an interracial couple, I see a double standard in that. Yet it seems to be okay for a black woman to date a white man (in the black community, now i’m sure that poor white man is catching it from his family if he still even has family willing to talk to him). I hear “Oh you go head girl u got yourself a white man *throws hand in air with wide smile” and again I just stand and stare lol.  Then I hear on the white side “What is that black girl doing with the white man? *turns nose up and walks away shaking head.* I live in the south where every race is racist lol. However I was born and semi-raised in the north! You can tell the difference from maryland, new york etc.. vs. North carolina, or Florida they put a piece of staring on you in the south if you are a multi racial couple you can here the whispers a mile away even in 2012 it never ends and god bless your kids when they go to school! I’m multi-racial. My mother is (African american, and cherokee). My father is (White, Haliwa Indian, and African american) and Well me I just resemble a mexican. That’s right a mexican they really think i’m one of them. lol. In school I was  never black enough to be black, or white enough to be white. So therefore i’ve had an interesting variety of friends. From hispanic, to white, asian, and black. So what did i mean by “I was  never black enough to be black, or white enough to be white” when I had different types of friends? When I first went to school the whole school was white, their were probably all of 20 blacks (including the principle and teachers). In my class photo I was the only black child (who again just looked like a stand in mexican lmao). However I never really saw color. I did go through a phase where I was terrified of (darker complected people other than memebers in my family that just proves that when a child see’s its family it see’s no color.) So when it came time to move and switch schools… I was in for a real treat… this school had way more african-american students. They taunted me and it was the black kids that were the worst! I had the hardest time making friends there at first. I got my first friend and she had the nerve to be white! why in the hell did i go and do that for? They taunted us together lol. I was this little mixed, proper english speaking kid knowing nothing but white people outside of my family (even my mom best friend was white) in this predomanitly black school wearing keds, and khaki jumpers. That was not a good combination. This went from elementary on… I did make some black friends along the way however I came to realize that some darker complected people have this hate towards you because they feel you think you are better than them and will get further in life and some even think you’re prettier than them. Then their were some white’s that just didnt think you fit with them either because you were not white enough! I had a few white teachers that simply disliked me because of my race, and a few black teachers that hated me for it to. I mean you can’t help who your parents are but with the time I was having I wish I could have chosen my parents! Tonight I saw a nice white couple with a black baby… it made me smile because I love the fact that two races can come together. I hate the fact they can’t be together in peace, because one day someone will point out the fact (the child will already know) that this child is black with a white family and make a big issue out of it. Nevermind the fact that the color of the skin is not what makes the mother or father it’s the love and care that makes them who they are, the one’s that love him the most and is there for all of his needs. Nevermind the fact love has no color and you can’t help who you fall in love with, who you love, what you love and the color of their skin. I see no color the one I love just so happens to be black. However if he was white, red, green, blue or purple, i’d still love him then to because i’m not in love with the color or his skin i’m in love with him and who he is (maybe  not all of his ways) lol. Tonight I reassured my little brother (9, they start early these days lol) that whatever race he decides to date is beautiful and as long as he loves her it won’t matter what color she is!

*people colors are just that colors, if you look in a crayon box there are many colors and most of us can never pick just one to love, when someone usually ask “whats your favorite color…we think… and think… and say well I like more than one so that’s hard to say. It’s no different with humans you don’t have to love one race just one person at a time lol.

Love has no labels, no faces, no limits!

Love has no labels, no faces, and no limits. It’s difficult for married heterosexual couples to adopt. However it’s more difficult for homosexual couples and single people to adopt. Who told you that they were  not capable of parenting? Who said they were not capable of loving and caring for a child like the happily married couple (thats probably pretending to be happily married anyway) down the street? Where did you get that idea? Here are a few “EXPLINATIONS” i’ve come across. “The child will grow up confused” “Children should have a mom and dad” “Two incomes are better than one” “You have to think what’s in the best interest of the child and their future.” And here is my take on it. I was conceived by a man and woman and guess what… the man abandoned me! Yeah yeah yeah I grew up in a single parent home! Well let me tell you about this single parent home… I turned out just fine! I’m no more screwed up than the child down the street with the mother and father! Infact i’m probably better off! I had a loving mother (she wasnt perfect) but at the end of the day I knew she loved me and knows she love’s me and that was good enough for me.The best interest of the child is for the child to have a loving family, home, and parent! Whether homosexual or heterosexual. Just because “it glitters doesn’t mean it’s always gold.” Just because that married couple with the nice income, in their nice house, wearing their Mark Jacobs and Ralph Lauren clothing, driving their nice car are smiling doesn’t mean that family is what’s in the best interest of the child! Most of these children in orphanages aren’t concerned about whether they will have a mother and father. Most of them just want someone to call their “family” and a house to call a “home.” Because most of them have never had either or. They don’t care if they have two mommy’s or two daddy’s or a mom, or dad. (news flash everyone doesn’t want to be married and with the divorce rates going up can you blame them?And Before you quote a scripture from the Bible I ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT SAYS! But no one is perfect.Moving along.) It just baffles me how people can honestly look at a child being shipped from foster home to foster home in most cases and yet turn down a perfectly good home for them based on sexuality! Who said these married, heterosexual homes are so perfect? I had friends in school who if only their parents knew how bad they wanted them to just part damn company from one another (from all the arguing and fighting) they would probably be embarrised! Or what about the child you gave to the couple that had the mother and father, the mother is staying for the money, the father is acting as though he’s in the office working when he is out cheating on his wife, while the wife sits at home with her glass of whine crying herself to sleep at night, when the father walks in his plate is still on the table cold, and they fight until one either walks away or just go to bed angry. Yet you turned down the homosexual couple based on their sexual preferrences. At least there they would have had a REAL happy and peaceful home. Or you turned down the woman that could still afford a child and the child would have had a wonderful loving home with her but she wasn’t married. Yet this was in the best interest of the child right? I beg to differ. Children aren’t concerened about whether their parents are homosexual, heterosexual, black, white, blue, pink, or purple, single, or married. It’s simply about being with the people that love them most.

I’m not saying that just because someone wants a child they should be “GIVEN” a child. I just feel as long as the family is loving (married or not, hetero or homo) are capable human beings of parenting, and can afford the child they should be given a chance without being descriminated against or judged!

Love has no labels, no faces, and no limits!

18 years to be a child,A Lifetime to be an adult…

When I was younger my family would always tell the children when we would complain about not being old enough… “you have 18years to be a child and a lifetime to be an adult.” As I get older I understand what they meant by that. Even at just 20 I find myself wishing someone would push me in a stroller or thinking kindergarden sounds nice. Recess here I come! 

I see so many parents putting so much emphasis on “I’m preparing my child for the real world”, they tend to forget to let the child be a child. There is nothing wrong with preparing your child with whats to come in life (don’t get me wrong) but stop and take a breather for just a moment. Let them stop and smell the flowers, run wild, so what if the outfit they choose to wear isn’t matching that day and their hair is wild. Let them be a child. They will have pleanty of time to stand in the closet for hours to find ther “perfect” outfit to wear, or stand in the mirrior trying to get their hair “just right.” Then you will say “where did the time go” the time didn’t go anywhere you just forgot to stop and actually notice you had a child because you were so busy “preparing” you forgot to stop and “enjoy”. Most likely that  question will come along prom, graduations, weddings, and bringing new editions into the world. As I put za’niyah(3) in bed tonight I actually stopped and watched her laugh and roll around the bed a moment. I tucked her in and read her a book and remembered my grandma used to do it to me as a child. It was simply and some nights she would be so tired she would make up one, but it was a memory that lasted forever. When she was small I wished she was older so that those 2 a.m. feedings wouldnt seem so bad and the moments I couldn’t roll over without hearing a whimper would soon be over! Now I watch her run and play, say my name! Go to sleep on her own, use underwear instead of diapers and attempt to hold a conversation. where did the time go? It went into wishing for this day, now I want to rewind the clock. She has 18years to be a child and a lifetime to be an adult. So I think I’ll embrace these years. Trust me the time does fly!