Should a man ever stay in a relationship because of the children? Especially if the relationship is toxic?



  1. how do you define toxic?, kids know when their parents are unhappy, i don’t think any couple should be in that position, if they still have something in common then they should work things out, if not, life is short, but both parties must equally share the responsibilities of raising their children and ensure they feel loved although things don’t work out so well for their parents

  2. No man or woman should stay for the children. If its toxic for you, it it for the children as well. It would be healthier for everyone if you parted ways.

  3. Never. You can still love your child and be a good father without being married to someone you don’t want to be married to. Staying married for the “sake of the children” is such an outdated way of thinking. It is not healthy for anyone.

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