“Never say Never”

“Never say what you would and wouldn’t do, just say you dont have any intentions on doing it, because you will shock yourself everytime”

Most of us are brought up with all these values and morals in life. Our parents set all these goals, standards, and things for us as soon as we are born. However somewhere down the road we take a detour and we almost always become the person we said we would never be, do all the things we said we would never do and have the life we said we would never have. We sometimes even end up with the person we thought we would never end up with. I always said I would never smoke, drink,cheat,never cheat with anyone taken,steal, I wouldn’t be the girl that had sex at an early age. I would never fall for anyone, there would never be a person that could make me cry simply because we weren’t together and I would never be stupid like some females. I said I wouldn’t cry at a funeral because death was simply apart of life. I used to tell people to suck up their emotions “why are you crying over a stupid boy or girl? there is pleanty more where they came from” I managed to be all of those “never’s” by the age of 19! I did everything I said I would never do. I cried over my “Mr. Wrong” and found myself saying “There is pleanty more where he came from but I only want him”. I found myself drunk a few times, I tried weed, I smoked black and milds, Ciggerates to, i’ve even had a girlfriend,I cried at my friend funeral, Had sex at 15, I cheated on a few people, I became a “mistress” to, I stole once just to see if i could get away with it. I guess life get’s the best of us and we tend to shock ourselves. That’s why when people put all these demands on their children I just sit and laugh. Everyone want what’s best for their children, we all want them to have a better life than us and hope they make the best decisions. But in the end that’s all you can do is hope and pray for the best. Your children will turn out to be a few of those “nevers” and they will become very few of those “expectations” and it will not be because of anything that you did wrong most likely. It will simply be the fact that they have to learn like we all did. And most of us are still learning, I know I am. I say  I’ll never get married…well let’s see if I still feel the same way in a few years. I’m sure that will happen to, maybe not today, tomorrow, or this  year but someday.  “Never say never”


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