I See It In Your Eye’s

I see the hurt in your eyes.

I make it hard to decide.

I know you don’t want to hurt me I see it with everything you do I see it in your eyes.

As you try and make me laugh I just stare.

I see it in your eyes you care.

You try and make me smile even when you know whats hurting me so deeply.

You tell me you see the pain in my eyes. I wonder if you see it in my heart though?

All you want me to do is smile.

You stand and stare at me to my surprise you get down on one knee and say “Hit me, if it makes you feel better just hit me”

That wont make me feel better.

I just stare. I cant do it, even with all the confusion in my heart I know you care.

I see you with her and I see the shame in your eyes.

Your tough exterior is nothing more than a disguise.

You say “I always think about you”.

I’m always thinking of you too.

You say “ I like the fact you show interest in my daughter”

You’re right I do.. I love her just as much as I care about you.

Its easy because I like you… I adore so much about you. And she is part of you.

I see the hurt in your eyes I feel I make it  hard to decide.

I’m glad I get your soft side:)

I feel as though I’m asking you to choose between me and your family. And I’m not sure if that is easy.

However I’m not asking that at all.

I’m asking you to see you…for who you are. I’m asking you to give yourself a chance. . . To see that you have so much to offer.

I see the potential in you… even if you became nobody id be there with all cost.

I hope you see it before you become to lost.

I see it in your eyes that you want better for you.

You just cant seem to shake your emotions though.

Thats understandable.

You say “I have emotions”

I do to.

You show yours with everything you do.

I wonder if she see that to?

I’m sure she do..she just wont do right by you.

I see it in your eyes… I bet that hurts you.


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