These moments won’t last forever

Laying here looking at za’niyah sleep. Its 1a.m and she has probably been sleep about two hours now. She was sooo fussy today must be those terrible threes kicking in lol. I found myself growing tired. First she pee’d on herself, then of course she spilled the famous blue drink on her coat. And this was all done before we could get to raleigh,in one shopping center. By the way did I mention she is terrified of the automatic toilets (that every resteraunt and store seems to have)? Terrified !She is also afraid of the picture on the “utz” potato chip truck. Lucky me we pull up to the gas station, she whined “MONSTER” and there sits the utz truck! She also wasn’t feeling the whole walking and shopping thing today so she cried to be picked up at every store. In the midst of all the chaos though. There were a few “cute” moments like whe she found a red hat she loved lol. Or like while riding her motorized minnie mouse scooter  she ran into a curb lol. Then I remembered. “these moments don’t last forever” I wish I could freeze time. Where her biggest fears are dinosaurs,toilets,and the utz lady. So she never knows what real fear is. What a broken heart feels like. And the only time people are mean is when she can’t have her way. The fact she thinks she isn’t a baby is hilarious. Yep these days won’t last forever and one day this fussy little girl will be a moody teenager, and these moments will be missed.


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