The Woman Who Has No Voice

This is for the woman who has no voice

The woman that wants to scream out in Agony, Frustration,and Joy.

The woman who loves but won’t allow herself to let you in her heart, her soul.

The woman that wants so desperately to leave the man that beats her every night.

The woman that dreams of her child growing up and becoming something more than what she was ever able to become.

The woman that screams out in despair but no one hears her cries.

The woman that sales her souls to gain the attention for all the wrong reasons.

The woman who strips every night to make a living for herself but wishes so much to be more than what she is.

The woman that is about to receive an eviction notice because her husband left and she can no longer afford the mortgage.

The woman who’s child is hungry but there is no food.

The woman that doesn’t know where the money for “Santa clause” to show up will come from.

The woman that doesn’t know how she will make it to work with no gas money.

The woman that was just laid off work but haven’t told the kids.

The woman that doesn’t know how to tell her child “Santa” wont be showing up this year and it wasn’t because you were bad…He just ran out of money.

The woman who is a lesbian but wants so desperately to be straight but her desires for the same sex won’t allow it.

The woman who wears a smile on the outside and dying on the inside.

The woman on drugs who walks past the rehab center everyday trying to get the courage to take the first step.

The woman thats about to give birth to a baby that will be fatherless.

The woman laying in bed wondering will she ever find herself in this lifetime.

The woman who just found out she has stage four breast cancer.

The woman who is dying of aids.

The woman who was once the little girl that was molested every night waiting on superman to come and rescue her, superman never showed.

The woman struggling with an eating disorder.

The woman that knows her man is cheating but cant afford to give up the lifestyle she is accustomed to living.

The woman that dreamed of having children but just found out she would never be able to conceive.

The woman who just got the phone call that her child was killed.

The woman that puts on makeup for hours to mask who she really is.

The woman that is about to give her baby up for adoption.

The woman that just threw her newborn in the trash.

The woman that will do anything to become a “Star”.

The woman that was never told “I love you”.

The woman who was just told her child has a learning disability.

The woman in jail that has a story no one will ever get to hear.

The woman that attends every church service so she doesn’t have to deal with the issues life throws at her.

The woman that doesn’t know her 15 year old daughter is pregnant and thats why she hasn’t been “herself”lately.

The woman trying to escape her past through alcohol, in the morning she will revisit it again.

The woman who tattoos her body up with memories and stories.

The woman that was told she was to big, dark, hippie, aggressive, compassionate, ugly to be loved.

The woman with the missing child she never gave up on.

The woman in the nursing home remembering who she used to be.

The woman that has given up on her hopes, and dreams.

The woman who reached out and no one reached back.

This is for the woman that has no voice.

This is for the woman like me and you because whether we own it or not we will and have all been one of these women at some point in our lives.


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