I’ll Be There (For My Grandmother)

When you wake in the night and can not sleep I’ll be there.

When you’re feeling alone I’ll be there.

When you need your secrets kept you can tell me and my lips will be sealed.

And Remember grandma that with all wounds time will heal.

When the money is gone I’ll still love you, I’ll be there.

When the house is no longer a home I’ll be there.

When no one else is around to turn your frown upside down I’ll be there to cheer you on.

When the tears fall I’ll be there to catch them before they fall.

Whenever you need me I’m only a call away.

I’m not like the rest.

I’m here to stay.

When you’re legs wont allow you to walk I’ll carry you.

When your mouth no longer allows you to talk I’ll speak for you.

I wont do it because I have to but because I Love You.

When you can no longer remember my number don’t worry I wont forget your’s.

When everyone has walked away i’m still here to stay.

Although there are times I may seem far and distant I’m not.

I’m still in the shadows along beside you no matter what.

Since I was small we’ve been two of a kind.

You taught me to walk and talk and you didn’t mind.

If I ever miss a holiday it’s not because I forgot you

I have taken your presence for granted.

When god gave me you he knew my wish had been granted.

So when the friends are gone.

The house is no longer a home.

The money is dry.

And all you want to do is cry…

When the nights are long and lonely.

When you can no longer walk or talk.

When you can’t brush your hair.

Don’t worry I’ll still be there.


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