Anything Worth Fighting For

They say “Anything worth having is worth fighting for”

I want to fight for you so bad but I’m afraid that this battle is already lost.

I’m still on the field when the game has been won by the other team. I just can’t seem to let go.

I’m a sore looser, I’m a sore looser for you though.

Seems as though I’m watching a collision that I want so desperately to stop but you just keep going.

All I can do is watch and wait for the crash.

They say that “time heals all wounds”. However these wounds won’t be healed.

I may be able to patch them for you and they may scab over

but they will never heal.

What if I doctor you up? And after rehab you relapse and go back to your addiction.

She’s you addiction and I’m just the methadone.

Its a fight between her and I.

We just keep pulling and tugging at you because neither one of us wants to let go.

Neither one of us wants to be the looser in this.

However her pull is much stronger than mine but I just wont let go of the rope I’d rather risk being drug than to loose.

She has cheerleaders and I have me.

I have part of you and she has all of you.

I have your mind but she has your heart.

I give you peace and a smile. She gives you hell and a frown. But you’d rather burn in hell than to fly in heaven.

Seems as though I’m causing more problems for you than anything else.

Two owners trying to walk one dog and although I have a separate leash seems as though she’s walking both of us.

They say “anything worth having is worth fighting for”

But you were never mine to begin with so do I even have the right to be in this fight at all?

How did I whine up in the ring anyway?

I never intended for things to get this far, I never intended to stay.

We’re playing a game of Russian Roulette and she doesn’t even know it’s her turn she doesn’t even know she’s in the game.

We know one of us has to catch the bullet and although it’s wrong I just hope its not me.

She won’t let your soul be free! And I keep pressuring you to be with me. This is not how love is suppose to be.

You just can’t seem to choose me.

“Anything worth having is worth fighting for”

I lost the fight and learned that sometimes it’s just best to walk away!


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